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The First 4 Years Podcast




Everything is changing, including the strategy of living as an artist and entrepreneur in 2017. 

This podcast guides you through these changes from someone who's in it with you day in and day out.

Feel free to take a sip of some of this new-aged-wisdom by listening to an episode


The podcast I wish I had. 

The last 4 years were stressful and rewarding. 

Immediately after leaving college, I jumped out on my own, first as a full time freelancer and then as the founder of a company that reached $1M revenue and reaches 500,000 subscribers. 





This podcast is for anyone working on using their creativity to better their life. Be it a side-project, a business, a hobby or artistic pursuit.  

On the show I tell stories and ideas from my own experience as well as talk with guests who are in the early phase of building their projects and companies.  

This show is meant to help you find the momentum you need to grow your projects and experience. 




With each episode I identify a specific pattern or change in culture, technology, and work –Then bring it to light, and give succinct ideas for how to respond to it. 



Life is hard to navigate on your own.

I found that out when I graduated college in Ohio with an economics degree and I had no idea what to do next.

Then throw in Moors Law, student debt and 'parents just don't understand' on top of that, and what you get is a very confusing time to be alive. 

 "Masterminds and Mentors" are a huge help, if you can find the right ones. I created this podcast as a support system for the journey of others on the path. A supplement to assist you in your creativity.   

It took me 4 years of stress and hard work to get to a place where I see more clearly what's going on here.

"ohhh, that's whats going on here." 

At least, sort of. I don't have it perfect, but I want to openly share with you what I've picked up and what I see when it comes to how to work and play in 2017.

This show is for those looking navigate the world their own way.

Welcome to the First 4 Years.


What does my face look like?

This is a podcast! It's meant so that you hear only my voice and therefore get to imagine me as you'd like. I grew up listening to the radio, NPR, and even Am when our family went on long road trips. I remember one time I saw a radio in person and I was crushed.

It was sort of like finally seeing who they picked to be actors in Harry Potter.